Direct Seller of Deglet Nour (UK)

House of Tunisia is the direct wholesaler of 1st Class Dates from the south of the oasis of Tunisia. It is quality controlled product and sold to respectable supermarkets in Europe in bulk, a wholesaler and a product you can trust.


According to their variety, the fruits have a core of oval to oblong, surrounded by a finely fibrous flesh The average water content around 22%. Because of their low moisture content, dates properly stored (in a cool and dry) can be stored for several months. They can be frozen or frozen without losing their quality or so of their flavour.
The date harvest runs from early October until December. Palm trees located on the edge of the plantation are most exposed to sunlight Their fruits are ripe early, but drier.

Deglet Nour of Tunisia

Luxury dates from South of Tunisia imported specifically for the UK market, It is branded as 1st High class category. Deglet Nour is cultivated and harvested as new crop, boxed and packed 1kg or to requirements.

No other dates match our quality of this product. Please contact us for any enquiries, we only import high quality Tunisian products with very competitive rates.
FruitsTunisian dates
VarietyDeglet Nour
ripened on the palm
the honey-colored to light brown
Size: 3.5 to 5cm
Weight 0 to l2g /fruit
Packagingcardboard presentalion with lid variety of packaging
achieved in a robust version
printed color
Stacking resealable

The dates are packed at the time of harvest on the palm without intermediate processing.

Nutritional Information:

Serving as a staple food in the countries of traditional culture, including the dates of vital importance.Combined with a glass of milk, they can cover the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

Because of their high proportions of iron, calcium and phosphorus, the dates are the ideal food for "moms" and "nursing mothers".

Thus, 100 grams of dates (the equivalent of about 15 fruits) contain on average Enver. 260-270 kcal.Because of their high sugar content and protein easier to digest, dates have a high nutritional value.Because fructose is immediately transformed into "energy" by the body, the dates are the food of choice for athletes

Dates are natural products, we constantly strive to ensure the cultivation and harvesting in optimal conditions.

 Despite a very careful selection, and strict controls of processing, damage caused by insects can not always be excluded. The dates distributed by us meet the quality standard course internationally recognized rules for dates (UN-ECE standard). Before being marketed, all products are inspected by the Institute Fresenius and Eurofins verify that they meet the requirements of good quality.

  Examinations and tests conducted regularly by various independent laboratories ensure the consistent quality of our products.

Nutritional info.per 100g in ?

Energy:265 kcal / 1109 kj
Water:20.0 g
2.1 g
Fat:0.1 g
Carbohydrates:68.9 g
Dietary Fiber:6.8 g

Components ? mg / kg

Vitamins:A, E, B1, B2, B6, C

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